Monday, August 8, 2011

tagtag ! :)

ten things you want to say to the person you love :
wanna say this to my bucuk sayang
my DEAN :) 

1)  firstly, when i know you, i heart you
2)  day by day, you make me happy and always smiling
3)  romantic guy that i ever had,. awww,.. melting ! :)
4)  garang ! tp manja dengan saya,. hehe
5)  you re my endless love 
6)  your smile make me melting,. ;p
7)  thanks for this relationship
8)  you are my heart, my world and my soul
9)  i love you so much sayang
10) be my prince till forever 

oke,. DONE ! and its trully from my heart :) 

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