Thursday, June 30, 2011

happy birthday sayang ♥


wish you :
*semoga panjang umur
and dimurahkan rezeki
* hope your dream come true
* our relationship end forever
* i HEART you ketat2 sayang :)

i miss you
i love you
♥ DEAN :) 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

finally :)

final exam for short sem
currently done !
berakhir sudah tahun 1 
di UKM
alhamdulillah :) 
setahun di UKM
mengajar erti 1001 kemanisan dan kepahitan 
and di tahun 1 jugak
i found my SWEETHEART 
hee :)
thanks love 

p/s : cant wait for this nite,. ILY DEAN     

Saturday, June 18, 2011

exam mood

currently in mood study
exam is around the corner
feel like hurm
that also means
i will far apart from my DEAN :(
i will miss him badly
hurm :'(

by the way
wish me best of luck  
to my hubby yang bucuk ;p 
wish you luck for this exam
do the best, be the best and try the best :)
we struggle for this exam yea
im here always love you sayang 

Friday, June 17, 2011

for you :)

dear my SAYANG
thanks for cherish my life
i just love everything in you
you are mean to me
and i love you so much 
D E A N 

im falling in love with you
everyday and forever  

Thursday, June 16, 2011


D E A N 
nothing is better than 
having someone
like YOU
as my lover and
my everything
thanks love 

your love is my drug sayang :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

alhamdulillah :)

finally i got it !
after 3 times rejection
by the way 
thank you very much
to my D E A N 
because you give me 
a lot of support 
when im down
thank you sayang
i do love you always
with no regret :) 

lots of kiss for you bucuk 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

rest of my life♥

i guarantee there'll be tough times
i guarantee that at some times 
one or both of us is gonna
want to get out of this things
but i also guarantee that
if i don t ask you to be mine
i'll regret it for the rest of my life
because i know in my heart
you are the only one for me
i love you D E A N 
pliss be mine forever :) 

wish me and my hubby luck for final exam next week 

Monday, June 13, 2011

sincerely from my heart

i got nothing to type
story about my life? 
it never ends,. hurm
so, skip about that
lying on my bed
staring at this dirty ceiling
its empty.
not that things i stare, 
but it my mind :')

This is the best feeling 

i close my eyes 
theres nothing came into my mind
this emptiness, its beautiful
I wanna hold on to it
Please, dont go away
it makes me wanna cry
i just wanna let this pass me by
pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

This silent isn't so bad
until i look at my hand and feel sad
because the space between my hands is
where yours fit perfectly
When i think of you
i dont feel alone anymore
Because, as many as time i blink
i'll think about you

Thanks for loving me even 
im such a pain :'(
for taking care of me
and for everything you have been through just for me
im sorry for causing lots of trouble
for stupid things i have done

i will always love you
always be here for you
and never leave me alone sayang 

miss this moment
and i do love you always :')

p/s : jatuh moto mmg sakit =,="

Sunday, June 12, 2011

maafkan sy :(

saya bukan yang terbaik untuk awak
tapi awak adalah yang terbaik bagi saya

i love the only you dean


really miss you my sweetheart
d e a n 
6 days without seeing you
makes my life messed up :( 

you're the first person 
i want to talk in the morning
and the last at night, DEAN 

Friday, June 10, 2011


saya rindu awak
rindu sangat2
kalau boleh
nak jumpa awak skarang jugak !
hurmm :'(
rindu ! rindu ! 
take good care of yourself 
and i will take care of you from here, promise ! 


you can ignore me
because i know
i am always alone
no matter how much you said
you are with me
but still, 
i LOVE you
because you are the 
one that i wanted
i will stop loving you
when my heart stop beating

i miss you dear :'(

lost :(

pliss back to me sayang 
and say that 
u never leave me alone again :(
no matter what happen
i love you 
i miss you so much and
i wont leave you :'(

 no mood,. sorry 
feeling like wanna cry all the time :'(

Thursday, June 9, 2011

9june :(

everything makes me feel that
im too BAD !
when im down and give up from my life
he left me
why? why?
i need you dear
seriously ! i want your support :'(
i want you always be with me 
and pliss stay with me sayang :(
dont know what Allah sets for me
may Allah gives me the best 

here without you love :(


all i want is YOU
now and forever
i miss you so much sayang 
love you :'(

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

result? hurm

result for sem 2 officially out !
sumpah teruk
seumur hidup tak pernah dpt result teruk macam tu
memang sy nanges, rase give up, tertekan
rase cam nak mati pun ade
hurm.. im down :(

everything happen have their own reason
maybe ade hikmah yang Allah nak tunjuk kt sy
everything happen also because of my fault
remember this, MYRA ! 
"kegagalan itu ubat yg plg mujarab utk mencapai kejayaan kn"
so sy kne tabah, kuat ! :(

to my family
im so sorry
i cant give the best to you
im so sorry :(

to my friends: ada, yan, fifie, mijah, izzah, ayu
thank you so much 
when im down, 
you all give moral support
hug and coax me when i cry 
support me 
thank you so much friends
pliss stay with me right now :(
to give that support 

to my sayang 
thanks for being there 
when i need you 
thanks jugak sbb dgr sy nanges smlm
thanks for coax me when i cry again 
thanks love
pliss dont leave me right now
i need your support
i need you SAYANG :'(

sorry ! im not in mood :(
and i think i should have a time
to have a normal life like before


disaat ku jatuh
ku berharap kau selalu disisiku
hurm :'(

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hepy 10th♥

hepy 10th month anniversary 
♥ D E A N 
hope this relationship
will end forever
i love you more, more & more sayang !

p/s : xlarat badan..hurm :(