Monday, August 15, 2011

about us

..thats why i love you..
when you love a person, the reason you love him
just because he's him 
time passes by and i realize that
i love you more 
love everything about you 
this makes me remember 1 years ago
when i see u for the first time
seriously..when i saw you that time 
i said in my heart.. i wanna know you *blushing*
HAHA..and starts from you bother me..
im really happy for that :)
one day, i got your text really shocked and so happy that night
but, i didnt reply your text right? 
biasalaa,.jual mahal,.wakaka :P
hurm,.i just miss the beginning of our story
by the way i love you so much sayang
thanks for coming in my life and give your love
im happy with you dear and never regret to be yours :) 

to meet you is fate 
to like you is choice
but to fall in love with you
im grateful

thanks love , DEAN 

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