Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sorry sayang~

i am soo sorry
what i did was wrong
i would never ever do anything like that ever again
i need u dean :'(
i dont know what i would do if i lost u
i will do anything to gain your forgiveness
i am truly sorry my sayang! =(
really miss you damn much naseeruddin! :'(
please realize that i LOVE u
and i need you dear 

p/s: sara,thnxs help me for dis becoming monthly annvrsry~ :D


i was so damn sad today
everything seems so dull and dark
like im in a hole there s no way out
breathless :'(
i dont like this
im tired! im sick! im hurt!
i need the support to go through my life
now and after this
where are you dear?
never let me alone
please promise to me baby :'(

Monday, September 27, 2010

hurm :'(

currently back from clinic at kajang
my migrain mkin teruk! DAMN!
thats why la hari ni aku baring jer atas katil
sangat2 penat! xlarat! no mood! grrr..dislike this
by the way
thanxs to sarah because her excuses to dat shit doctor!
if not..i stay at hospital kajang la dis nyte WTH!
so wish me get better soon k

i miss my dean so much
i need you dear :'(
where are you right now?
btw, take care my sayang! 
take your time to trust me
dont know how to convince you anymore :"(
u re da only one in my heart
 and never leave me alone dear :(

Sunday, September 26, 2010


OMG....!! had a very very very bad headache
again..again and again
feel like wanna die
and i only cant slept at 5 a.m last night..arghh
but still feel the pain now! help :-(
plzzz..get the pain off my head!! hurts so bad :'(

Friday, September 24, 2010


yes i know
we are in war lately
but please dont treat me like this
gimme some times to be with you dear
i need you
miss u so much dean
i love you with all my heart :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


wish me luck
for my paper math this night :D
to my dean
wish you best of luck
and dont ever forget that
i always love you dear :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


not more & not less just
what that girl have that i dont have ?
tell me! n pls dont puzzle me
and i ll not hoping anymore :'(
let the time decide it
thats all
im not gonna explain much and talk about this again
just take care of yourself
i ll not bother you anymore
by the way 
im still loving you
even i know that i will hurt after this! :'(

Monday, September 20, 2010

back to college~

hye peeps! im at ukm already
missing the hectic cities and everything there! 
OMG! so tired! :'(
i got some stupid crappy mid term tomorrow
arghh distracting my mood enough
dont forget to pray for me because

i dont give any shit to study !

by the way i cant wait to see my dear :)

really miss him damn much
lots of hugs and kisses
love you always dean :D 

Saturday, September 18, 2010


im not addicted to this for a such a long2 time
but this time i want them so badly :'(
cant deny this hell stuff is SUPERB yummy
even ia wat sy gemok
sy tetap NAK! fullstop! hee :D

gtg right maw kemas barang..
nanti berblog lagi ye..
to my dear..miss u so much! 
lots of hug and kisses :D

Friday, September 17, 2010


i love you with all my hearts :)
cant wait to meet u dear :D
jgn gatal2 kat JB tu haha :P
take good care my sayang! :-x

p/s: semakin hari semakin sayang

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


im so happy to be with
that i couldnt stop
smiling :D
day by day
im falling for you dear
hope to meet u soon
real soooooonn
hee.. :)
i love you sayang
so much!

p/s: i love you more more & more dean! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


awalnye sy berblog!
entries kali ni i dedicate to my parent about da last nyte:
thnxs ya coz jage saye semalam
n bawak saya g KTS for a 2 hours
sori sangat coz menyusahkan
sy xmo sakett benci migrain!
adoyaii..xske! xske! xske!
pape pn i love my parent very much!
i just sleep for one hour only today! DAMN!!
my migrain stil trase lagi even da makn painkiller
OMG! help2~
so i need the rest now
bye2..ble dah oke nanti
sy berblog lg.. :D
p/s: wish me get better soon!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Angry with me?? yea.. you should
Hate me?? yea.. you should as well
I'm just a trouble maker
I'm sorry.... forgive me

I love you + I miss you

sorry.. :(

dis nite sy migrain lagi..arghh..damn!!
da xlarat!!  OMG!! help~
k la..saya maw tidow..
nyte sume.. :(

im lonely,n im tired,
im missing u again.. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Wanna know.. i hampir2 accident petang td! WTH!
the causes? aha
i had a very very very bad headache for these few hours!!
DAMN hurt!!! feel like going to knock my head to the wall!!!
OMG!! dah la jalan jammed..tersangkut for 2h30min
penat + bengang + saket kpale! full package!
pergh..memang terbaek sey!
naseb baek la painkiller is always with me oke n selamat sampai umah..hee :D
law x..i dekat KTS la skrg..adoyaii
the moral of story..
*sentiasa bwk painkiller with you ye cik myra! ur migrain ble2 je ley dtg :)
*cter ni xshare with sape2 of my family
confirm pasni diorg xbagi da aku drive
huhu.. promise dat i'll more careful after this~ :D

dis nyte perot wat hal
saket lor.. :'( tp utk berblog..tahan jap..huhu
saket perot ni maybe sebab teralu byk
mkn + minum! huhu...jangan la wat hal oh my perut
saket! saket! saket! did u understand perut! 
eish..macam2 lor.. pape pn
i like this day..
ramai yang ckp aku makin kurus!
wahh bahagiaa
thanxs specially to ieda, tirah n fifah!  lurv u all
x sabar2 nk lepak ngn korang lagi kt ukm :)

to my dean..
myra always love you
no worries
she always do :)
jgn nakal2 kt kg
always ingat yg tersayang here..hee :D

Saturday, September 11, 2010







Tanpa kita sedari, first eid telah berlalu dgn begitu cepat
arghh.. x puas kumpul duit raya lagi hehe :D
may be I'm getting older, 
that's why this year x dpt bnyk duit mcm previous year huhu :'(
whatever it is, raya tahun ni tetap fun ;)

dear my dean..
i miss u damn much!!
♥lots of love and hug

Thursday, September 9, 2010

hepy eid!!~

salam lebaran semua :) , 
this eid mubarak i would like to 
hope u all having such a great hari raya 
at homies with the beloved ones :). 
jangan lupa duit raya sy ye HEHE :D
btw , sorry for everything that i ve done 
that might hurt u even a bit pon !
please! im imperfect as a human being !
take care all ! 
selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin :-)

to my sayang
selamat hari raya
maaf zahir dan batin 
jangan lupa dwet raya sy hehe :D
take care my sweetie
please feel that
i miss you dear~ :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


i am so happy to be with you, dean
life seems to be perfect with you
hope u dont mind that im here missing you like crazy dear
it s not my fault coz u re the one who let me be this way 
i love you so much sayang :)

lots of love; saidatul amira

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


dear , 

thanks for every single tiny things that u gave me
i do apprcte that ! so much
my life seems to be so smooth after u come into my world
i dont make a joke but it s the truth 
i wont dare to talk lie about u my dear
thanks for your care & thanks for your love
i promise i ll always be with you all the time
bad either good 
i promise !
i ll take care of you , your everything dear 
i m so in love with you
hope that will be the last for me sayang
i dont have to be your first love dear , but i want to be the last
can i?
i ll make sure for it ;)
take care && all the best for your future


myra lurv dean~

Monday, September 6, 2010


i love you

no matter what happen
i ll always do
take care!

♥i love my dean forever

Sunday, September 5, 2010

ily dean♥


sometimes when we come to a fight

u seem to be innocent
n im the one who ll feel guilty
i just did that without any plan
to see whether u understand me or not
but the way u act like "i dont even care!"
sokay if that re good for you
myb im not important to u anymore

pls gimme a space to be with u when i really need u

thats all..
to be honest with u my dear
im hurt
but i could be more hurt
when i know that u re hurt
because of me
for me urself is precious thing
that i ve promised to myself
keep it in a very good condition
u re fragile dear
so dont worry of mine
just treat ur life good
im just the one who come into ur life
to share something with u
n enough i said
i just want lil bit of ur love
nothing much
thanks darl
ily :)

never let me go~

i can feel that you re so sick of me
give a chance for me
to give happiness in your life
i wont let you go
never let me go dear~


smpai uma td..
arghh..penat gler..

bshopping bbrpe jam di kl...
mcm nk ptam..
tp berbaloii..
i got plak uh..
thnxs my sis syeri...
sgt xcited~
tp..i misz him~
hu2..cmne la 2 mggu ney tnpe dye..
misz u so much sayang~ 
i lurv u wif no regret!!~
when you smile,
da whole world stops 
and stares for awhile
Coz you're amazing
Just the way you are

Thursday, September 2, 2010

nnges lagi~

kali ke2 aku nges...
ak btow2 trse ngn pe die wt kt aku td....
ishh...saket aty btow la...
ingt aku ni pe?
tunggul ke..??hm??
da la...
law btow2 ade kje..
xyah la jnji ngn aku...
xyah nk bg hrpn kt ak...oke!
ckp je jap..!!
im dissaponted wif u sayang!!