Monday, June 13, 2011

sincerely from my heart

i got nothing to type
story about my life? 
it never ends,. hurm
so, skip about that
lying on my bed
staring at this dirty ceiling
its empty.
not that things i stare, 
but it my mind :')

This is the best feeling 

i close my eyes 
theres nothing came into my mind
this emptiness, its beautiful
I wanna hold on to it
Please, dont go away
it makes me wanna cry
i just wanna let this pass me by
pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

This silent isn't so bad
until i look at my hand and feel sad
because the space between my hands is
where yours fit perfectly
When i think of you
i dont feel alone anymore
Because, as many as time i blink
i'll think about you

Thanks for loving me even 
im such a pain :'(
for taking care of me
and for everything you have been through just for me
im sorry for causing lots of trouble
for stupid things i have done

i will always love you
always be here for you
and never leave me alone sayang 

miss this moment
and i do love you always :')

p/s : jatuh moto mmg sakit =,="

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