Wednesday, June 8, 2011

result? hurm

result for sem 2 officially out !
sumpah teruk
seumur hidup tak pernah dpt result teruk macam tu
memang sy nanges, rase give up, tertekan
rase cam nak mati pun ade
hurm.. im down :(

everything happen have their own reason
maybe ade hikmah yang Allah nak tunjuk kt sy
everything happen also because of my fault
remember this, MYRA ! 
"kegagalan itu ubat yg plg mujarab utk mencapai kejayaan kn"
so sy kne tabah, kuat ! :(

to my family
im so sorry
i cant give the best to you
im so sorry :(

to my friends: ada, yan, fifie, mijah, izzah, ayu
thank you so much 
when im down, 
you all give moral support
hug and coax me when i cry 
support me 
thank you so much friends
pliss stay with me right now :(
to give that support 

to my sayang 
thanks for being there 
when i need you 
thanks jugak sbb dgr sy nanges smlm
thanks for coax me when i cry again 
thanks love
pliss dont leave me right now
i need your support
i need you SAYANG :'(

sorry ! im not in mood :(
and i think i should have a time
to have a normal life like before

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