Tuesday, April 12, 2011


in relationship
give and take are important
a guy should tolerate and respect her girl
and the same way around
its not easy to maintain a long lasting relationship
seriously, i admit that i miss my old days
when im first in love with you
everything seems perfect and 
everyday like a heaven for me
im smiling all the time like freaky ugly girl,.haha
and cant even put down her phone just even for a min!
what a thing that love made me into..haha :)
but now
as time goes by
we grow older & older
we need to face the fact that
there is a life phrase called "maturity"
and need to accept that
we have to be matured in relationship
sometimes it did hurts for the changes to be taken
but its still happen
however to my DEAN
i love you
there is no words i can defined
how much i love you
please love me too as much as i love you :(
p/s; please be mine forever,.can you? :(

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